Who are Bérénice and Romain?

Romain and Bérénice in the LesC Camélias garden It's a very complicated exercise to introduce ourselves but let's start at the beginning, it seems to be easier. We are Bérénice and Romain, two eclectic young people in love with nature and keen on discoveries.

The idea of working in tourist accommodation had been in our heads for several years. Two years ago, we started looking at real estate ads. One ad, then two, then ten, then thirty, then fifty, then... ? Good question... we lost count in the meantime. Initially attracted by many French regions, little by little, the focus tightened and the Massif du Sancy turned out to be the place we had been subconsciously coveting since the beginning.

Many activities all year round to fill up with adventure and oxygen, a clear view to admire the night sky, a healthy, peaceful environment and beautiful landscapes... The winning combination to stimulate all the senses from January to December!

Romain and Bérénice on holiday "Les Camélias" met a number of criteria and, as luck would have it, it was a favourite. So without hesitation we decided to take over and one thing is certain, we will pay the greatest attention to welcome you with the same kindness as Margriet and Erwin.

We will be as discreet or eloquent as you wish.

We look forward to meeting you and to doing our utmost to ensure that you have a wonderful holiday in this beautiful region...