Travel information

Le Mont-Dore

At about 750 km from Calais, 465 km from Paris, 200 km from Lyon and about 190 km from Limoges, Les Camélias is easily accessible by car using the excellent French motorways. Ample parking in front of the house. Below 2 different routes and tips for when using a navigation system can be found.

Extensive information on travelling to the Auvergne from the UK can be read in this article.

The accessibility of the roads around Le Mont-Dore can be seen in word and image on the inforoute63 website.

Standaad route from Calais / Paris

  • Calais: A16 towards Arras.
  • At Arras take the A1 in the direction of Paris.
  • At Paris follow signs for Bordeaux and Nantes and go onto the A71 towards Bordeaux and Nantes.
  • Follow this road along Orleans in the direction of Clermont-Ferrand.
  • Then follow the A89 in the direction of Bordeaux and Limoges until exit 25 towards La Bourboule-Le Mont Dore.
  • Take this exit and after the "péage" continue until the roundabout.
  • At the roundabout take the exit towards La Bourboule-Le Mont Dore.
  • After the railway track go straight until the T-junction, go right (D922) and from now on continue to follow the sign to Le Mont-Dore.
  • In Le Mont-Dore go straight until you have to turn right into Avenue Wilson (obligatory driving direction).
  • Go left, along Place Charles de Gaulle, with the post-office at your right hand side and a church at your left.
  • Go left again, between the church and the Spar mini-market.
  • Bend left and upwards at the end: D996 towards Clermont-Ferrand/Issoire.
  • This is the Avenue de Général Leclerc which becomes the Avenue de Clermont. You will find Les Camélias at your right hand on number 6 Avenue de Clermont.

Touristic route / Arriving from the east

Do not take the A89 in the direction of Bordeaux. Instead, stay on the A71 in the direction of Clermont-Ferrand.
At Clermont-Ferrand take the A75 in the direction of Issoire and Montpellier.
Leave the motorway at exit 6 "Champeix" (ignore earlier exists for Le Mont-Dore).
Turn right in Champeix (D996) in the direction of St-Nectaire.
From here on stay on the D996 by first following the signs to St-Nectaire and later on for Le Mont-Dore.
You will find Les Camélias on your left hand site, about 700 meters after the Le Mont-Dore sign.

Using a navigation system

Please take into account the following when using a route planner or navigation system. As town, use 'Mont-Dore'. 'Le Mont-Dore' is not always recognised. You can also use the postal code 63240. Our street name is 'avenue de Clermont'. Some systems replace this automatically by 'route de Clermont', which is fine.

Some navigation systems try to send drivers - just before Le Mont-Dore - onto a narrow, dead end road in the direction of "Les Cascades". This should absolutely not be done.

The coordinates of Les Camélias are: N45 34,69 E2 48,56.

Other means of transport

KLM/AirFrance have regular flights from most UK airports via Amsterdam or Paris to Clermont-Ferrand.

Flixbus - the international, cheap bus service - has as stop at Clermont-Ferrand.

Le Mont-Dore has a train station. Travelling from London St. Pancras International to Le Mont-Dore will take between 8 and 10 hours. Information can be found on the Deutsche Bahn website.

For a reasonable fee we can pick you up at the airport or the train station of Clermont-Ferrand.