Snowshoeing in the Auvergne

Endless snowshoe possibilitiesSignposted snowshoe walks

Looking for another way of enjoying the snow in the Auvergne region? Close to our accommodation in Le Mont-Dore there are 4 signposted snowshoe routes of 1,5 km, 2,8 km, 4 km and  4,2 km. There are also longer connections trials to Chastreix (7 km) and La Stèle (8 km).

The walks will obviously not need to be limited to those signposted walks. We can give you information about other great snow shoe walks which can be done.

Up to date information can be found at:

Snow shoe rental

In Le Mont-Dore, at the Capucin, Guéry and Pessade snow shoes can be rented.

    Lac de Guéry

    And at the Lac de Guéry no less than 25 km of signposted snowshoe trails are available. Scenic routes with views along the way of the frozen lake and magnificent rock formations.

    Up to date information can be found at the website of Cap Guéry.

    Pistekaart sneeuwschoenwandelen Sancy Ouest
    Pistekaart sneeuwschoenwandelen Sancy Sud
    Piste map Le Guéry
    Piste map Pessade
    Start of a signposted snowshoe walk
    Signposted snowshoe walk
    Snowshoe fun
    Endless snowshoe walks
    Snowshoeing at the end of the day
    Taking a break during a snowshoe walk
    Snowshoeing at the Rivaux
    Snowshoeing on a signposted walk
    Snowshoeing with a view on the Chomets ski slopes
    Chemin des mille gouttes
    Chemin des mille gouttes
    Signposted snowshoe walk
    Signposted snowshoe walk
    Snowshoe walkers
    Signposted snowshoe walks
    Snowshoe walkers
    Snowshoe walkers
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