Responsible tourism

Everyday life

In our everyday life we try to be to a reasonable and feasible extent, environmentally aware. This we also like to convey at Les Camélias. We do our daily shopping locally and on bike. This is not a punishment, because the shops in Le Mont-Dore have a wide range of delicious local products. We also work with local companies and mountain guides.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and the apartments are equipped with environmentally friendly detergent, hand soap and organic olive oil. We wash with biological detergent at the lowest possible temperature. Your invoices and contracts are printed on environmentally friendly paper. We also reuse a lot of paper for our book keeping.

And in our vegetable garden we do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides.


Separation of waste material goes without saying for us. For paper, cardboard, glass, hard plastic and tin we have a collection system which our guests can use. And if you want you can use our compost bins for compostable waste. Our Puy de Dôme and Puy de Sancy apartments even have their own waste separation system in their kitchens.


Replacing the old heating unit with an energy efficient combination heating unit was one of the first investments we did. The radiators in the apartments are equipped with programmable thermostat buttons. After a day out, you will come home in a comfortable heated apartment. The thermostat buttons automatically control the temperature for you. The program can be adjusted manually, but of course we are also happy adjusting the program following your daily routine.

Our apartments are double glazed and when renovating apartments we equip them with (improved) insulation. The apartments are illuminated as much as possible with energy saving lamps. When appliances need replacing, we only buy appliances with energy class A (or better). We are also working on the lights with motion detectors in the communal areas.


The toilets have a water-saving button. At the moment we only collect rainwater for watering our exterior plants and the vegetable garden. In the future we would like to collect rainwater on a larger scale. This water will then be used for hosing down mountain bikes and possibly also for the toilets.


During your stay at Les Camélias there are endless walking and cycling possibilities without having to use your car. Moreover, Le Mont-Dore can also be reached by public transport. Le Mont-Dore has a train station. Staying at Les Camélias without a car is quite possible and excursions even then need not to be only limited to Le Mont-Dore.