Walking tour

Hiking Auvergne

Hiking Auvergne

Together with Livia van Eijlle of Le Relais de Voissieres we organise self-guided walking tours where flexibility is paramount. For example, one can choose from:

  • the number of days
  • the start date
  • the daily distances
  • rest days or no rest days – for which you yourself can choose the location. You yourself can decide what to do on this rest day: a stroll, lounge about or another activity
  • with or without luggage transport

Endless hiking posibilitiesWe take care of everything

You inform us on your wishes and we will ensure that the accommodations are booked and that upon arrival you will get all necessary information such as the itinerary and map(s).


The main feature of our walking tours is flexibility. Our walking holidays consist in principle out of 6 walking days. Generally, each day you have a choice between several distances. The last walk will return you to your starting location. But our walking tours can be customised to your requirements. A longer or shorter stay at a certain accommodation. More or fewer days of walking. One or more rest days at a location of your choice. A round tour from one place which enables you to stay 2 nights at the same accommodation. It's all possible.

With or without luggage transport

Pierre longue

We can arrange luggage transport, but if you prefer to transport your luggage yourself in a backpack, that of course is possible too.

More information about these walking holidays can be found on the Hiking in the Auvergne website.